Please note that these frequently asked questions (FAQs) apply to Penalty Notices issued in railway car parks only. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact the Parking Operator who issued your Penalty Notice.

You must make your first appeal in writing to the Parking Operator who issued the Penalty Notice. Full details can be found on the Notice.

Please note that paying for a notice is deemed an admission of liability, and you will no longer be entitled to appeal the notice.

Should you remain dissatisfied with this decision, or have additional evidence, you may further your appeal to the Appeals Service within 28 days of your rejection letter. Appeals may be submitted online at or by post at:

Appeals Service (Parking)

PO Box 267


GU32 9FH

When sending by post it is advisable to obtain proof of posting.

You'll be issued with a 10 digit verification code, which you must use with your appeal to the Appeals Service. This is shown at the top of your rejection letter.

If you have more than one Penalty Notice, you must submit a separate appeal for each one.

When appealing online you will be required to provide your email account details and to create a password. You will be sent a secure link for verification purposes from which you will be able to track the progress of your appeal online.

Every appeal received by AS, whether online or by post is recorded upon receipt and a complete electronic case file created. This allows a paperless working environment for our Appeal Caseworkers and also ensures that accurate and PDF secure copies of all correspondence, notices, case notes and evidence packs are stored securely and appropriately.

Once an appeal has been fully considered a response will be issued indicating the outcome together with any further action that may be required.

You have 28 days from your rejection letter for a further appeal to be received. If this time has expired, and you feel you have mitigating reasons why a further appeal should be considered, please contact the Parking Operator directly. You will be unable to enter an expired verification code when appealing through this website.

Please submit any evidence you feel is relevant to your appeal, such as:

  • Photogrphs
  • Statements
  • Tickets

The evidence can be uploaded online if you choose to open an online account, or sent by post. We regret we are unable to return items sent by post. When sending by post it is advisable to obtain proof of posting.

The Byelaws 14(4) state that it is the owner of a vehicle that may be liable for a Penalty. The Appeals Service position is that the owner will be presumed to be the registered keeper, unless it is proven otherwise and/or legal precedent is established that amends our position. If the owner was not the driver, the owner may still be liable for the Penalty.

All enquiries about your Penalty Notice must be made to the Parking Operator.

You if are experiencing technical issues please contact our helpdesk at You will receive a response within 1 working day. Please do not use this email address to submit an appeal.

The Parking Operator will consider the first stage of any appeal. If the appeal is rejected, you will be issued with a letter explaining the reasons of the rejection and the courses of action open to you. The letter will contain a verification code that has to be used when making a second appeal to AS. Such appeal must be made within 28 days of the date of the letter.

Once AS receive the second appeal, the Parking Operator has 21 days in which to provide them with the ‘evidence pack’. This pack contains all of the information relating to the case. If the Parking Operator fails to provide the evidence pack to AS in the 21 days then the appeal is automatically accepted by AS and notification will be sent to you.

Once received from the Parking Operator, the ‘evidence pack’ is either uploaded to your online account, or posted to you. You then have 14 days in which to supply any further information you wish to be considered.

At the expiration of 14 days the case is then assessed by AS and a response issued within 14 days.

The decision reached by AS is binding on the Parking Operator, however, you may allow the case to proceed to the Magistrates Court and defend your position there.

The Railway Byelaws 2005 (the Byelaws) regulate the use and parking of vehicles in station car parks. Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA) 2012 does not apply on Railway Land. Whereas POFA provides specific rules on the steps Parking Operators should take when issuing on relevant land, there is no equivalent in the Byelaws.

You cannot challenge the outcome of a further stage appeal made to the Appeals Service. The options available for this will be set out in your appeal response.

If you have a complaint, regarding the level of service provided by the Appeals Service, please contact the Appeals Service Manager, at, or by post to:

Appeals Service Manager

ITAL Group Limited

PO Box 267


GU32 9FH

We like to think that we are providing the best possible service, however, if we have failed, we would like to know, so that we can put things right if necessary and learn from any mistakes made.